DS-33150 connect and IDE drive to SATA pc 244967

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The perfect solution for adding IDE/ATA drives to motherboards with only available SATA controller

Serial ATA 150 to ATA 133 Converter,, Bridge Board Horizontal, 1X IDC 40 for HDD, 1X SATA 4-Pin, 1 X 4-Pin PWR
Allows you to use all kinds of IDE storage devices featuring 40-pin IDC connectors with a Serial ATA controller.
  • Stand alone Serial ATA to Ultra ATA bridge board design
  • Conforms to Serial ATA 1.0 specification, revision 2.2
  • Chipset: JM20330
  • Supports PIO mode 0-4
  • Ultra ATA 133 / 100 / 66 / 33 supported
  • Supports all types of ATAPI, ATA/133, ATA/100, ATA/66, ATA/33, EIDE and IDE storage devices (DVD, DVD-RAM, MO, CD-ROM, CD-RW, Hard Disk)
  • Compact dimensions allowing direct connections to ATA hard drives
  • Board design: horizontal version