R4 - R6 - R8 Slim Down Light Ø145 Ø180 Ø240

R Series Flat Down light

Common Round downlight, basic but essential lighting fixtures which occupies the biggest indoor lighting segments.
Their compact sizes lead to high heat concentration, and have by far the highest failure rate among all lighting fixtures.  
Sheenly R-series flat downlight was specifically designed to overcome this issue, and won over the years, numerous customers’ recognitions for the best heat management, high reliability, homogenous lighting surface and excellent light quality and efficiency.   


1. Thick but necessary structural designs provides extra strength towards deformation, 3 times more material compare to low cost models in the market     
2. Generosity at heat dissipation area ensures the specified lifetime, better lumen maintenance and higher total lumen output   
3. PMMA light guide, free of yellowing issue   
4. ENEC certified, 5 years warranty, flicker free driver   
5. IP44 front-side, sufficient to prevent moisture vapor while being used in places like, Kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas
R Series Flat Down light

R4, R6, R8 Round panel *** Choose a version ***

Sheenly's Slim LED downlight has an ultra thin housing, which makes it possible to use the downlights in places where space is limited. The white aluminum housing has a stylish appearance and the acrylic front ensures an even distribution of the light.The lifetime and stability of the LEDs are optimized by the excellent heat management.  The Ultra Slim downlight is a perfect solution for various applications and is ideally suited for hotels and restaurants, offices and meeting rooms, or in an education or healthcare environment.   Sheenly’s Slim LED downlight heeft een ultra dunne behuizing, waardoor het mogelijk is om de downlights te gebruiken op plaatsen waar de ruimte beperkt is. De witte aluminium behuizing heeft een stijlvolle uitstraling en het front van acryl zorgt voor een egale verspreiding van het licht. De levensduur en stabiliteit van de LED’s worden geoptimaliseerd door het uitstekende warmte management. De Ultra Slim downlight is een perfecte oplossing voor verschillende toepassingen en is bij uitstek geschikt voor hotels en restaurants, kantoren en vergaderruimtes, of in een onderwijs of gezondheidszorg omgeving.   Power 8W (R4), 15W (R6) of 24W (R8) Color temparature 3000K ± 200K(Warm White) of 4000K ± 200K (Natural White) Lumen output 450lm t/m 2000lm Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Power Factor > 0,95 Beam angle 120° Sizes:R4   8W : Ø 145 mm x 12 mm (Cut-out Ø 125 mm)R6 15W : Ø 180 mm x 12 mm (Cut-out Ø 160 mm)R8 24W : Ø 240 mm x 12 mm (Cut-out Ø 220 mm)

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