WZ0012 Network Tool Set

technical data:Network Tool Set Composed of: 1x LSA Punch Down Tool WZ0001A 1x Modular Crimping Tool 8P8C WZ0004 1x Stripper Tool WZ0005 1x Cable Tester for RJ11&RJ12&RJ45 WZ0010

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DN-14001 Digitus kabeltester voor RJ45 en BNC aansluiting.

Specifically designed for quick and easy testing of your network cablesCable Tester, Network, RJ45, BNC, Main Device 2 X RJ45 F, Remote Unit 1 X RJ45F Connection, Allocation, Pairs, Test function for cables with RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 and BNC plugAuto-scan and step by step testingLoop-back: for testing and localising of already laid network or communication cablesContinuity: for continuity testing of network or communication cablesOpen: for localising of disconnected single wiresShorts: locating of short-circuited single wiresMiss-wire: identification of non-conform wire assignmentPin to pin configuration: 1:1 assignment testingMain device with 2x RJ45 jack, remote unit with 1x RJ45 jackVarious LEDs for status display, operates with 9 Volt block batteryIncludes two-language manual and modular BNC adapter

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DA-70601 ATX Power Supply Tester with LCD

Ideaal voor technici bij computerservices en technisch onderlegde PC-gebruikersATX power supply tester with LCD displayReliably indicates the accurate status of all power supply voltagesFast and easy plug & play operationConnectors for testing purposes of 20- / 24-pin mainboard connectors; for 4-pin, 6-pin, and 8-pin extension connectors, floppy connectors, and SATA connectorsRobust aluminum housingEssential for service personnel and computer enthusiasts

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