Weather-proof Tripo PRO

IP65 Tripo Pro Triproof Light

Tripo Pro Triproof lamp has a signature Lock&Lock type of endcap.  
The fully openable end cap not only facilitate fast installation and interconnect ability, it also offers the chance for after market ECG service upgrade or replacement.
Support of optic lenses for various light distribution enables it to target niche market as well as general waterproof/damp proof required applications.


1. ECG serviceable and after market upgradeable makes it a lot more environmentally sustainable compare to other Weatherproof light.
2. Designed to additionally support lense optics for various light distribution, 30D, 60D, 90D and more
3.  Up to 130lm/w, flicker free, IP65, and optionally for multi-lumen, multi-CCT
4.  Powerful lumen output up to 7800lm, and flexible for more 
5.  Spacious chamber supports higher operating ambient temperature, and optionally upgradable for DALI, Sensor and Emergency Gear 

Tripo Weather proof LED

Sheenly Tri-proof Linkable **Choose a version**

Sheenly CE LED Weather-proof light Tripo Linkable LED Weather-proof Light Tripo Linkable is Sheenly’s new design for industrial lighting. It adopts auto human being detection for light on/off, light goes on when someone passes, light goes off to 10% brightness when no one. High wide detection range within 15 meters. Feature - Up to 105lm/watt - Modern, Stylish, excellent surface treatment - Water proof, Dust proof, Corrosion proof - Super-fast installation, suspended or surface mounted - Low operating temperature, makes it extremely versatile under different easy/hard operating conditions - Type of connection is linkable - 5 Year guarantee DATASHEET

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