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DC-52101 RS232 Extender CAT5, up to 1000m / 3300ft, full duplex EOL opvolger = 367000

Ideal for connecting distant placed devices and machines equipped with RS232 serial interface RS232 Extender, CAT5, up to 300m / 1000ft, full duplex Compatible with all RS232 protocols Full-duplex data communication Sends RS232 data at 230kbps up to 300m (1000ft.) Pure hardware solution - real time data transfer, no software conflicts Transfer data or files between PCs, equipments Extension over CAT 5 cable Connections locale and remote side: 1x DB-9 Female; 1x RJ45 Female; power supply

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DA-70139-2 DIGITUS USB Extender, USB1.1, for use with Cat5/5e/6 (UTP, STP or SFT) cable up to 45 m

Conquer USB length limitations cost effectively and place your USB devices wherever you want them.DIGITUS USB Extender, USB1.1, for use with Cat5/5e/6 (UTP, STP or SFT) cable up to 45 m / 150 ft This USB extension adapter allows you to connect your USB device to your computer at a distance of up to 45 m / 150 ft with the help of a Cat 5, 5e or Cat 6 patch cable (UTP, STP or SFP) - not included. This adapter will allow you to have your USB cameras, printers, web cams, scanners or any other USB device exactly where you want it without having to move around your computer.Embedded USB 1.1 transceiver prevent signal lossUSB 2.0 compatibleExtends the USB cable length up to 45 m / 150 ftUses one ordinary Cat 5, 5e or 6 network cable (UTP, STP or SFP) with RJ45 plugsSelf-powered, so no external power source is requiredEasy installation, works fully transparent, no software driver requiredIdeal for e.g. cameras, printers and scanners, etc.Only 1 sending unit and 1 receiving unit included in deliveryPlug & PlayLength: 20 cmSupports: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7/8, Linux

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DS-52101 RS232 extender over CAT5, up to 2,000 m

Ideal for connecting to remotely installed devices and machines with an RS232 interface RS232 Extender over, CAT5, up to 2000m full duplex The DIGITUS RS232 extender makes it possible to extend serial data signals up to a length of 2,000 m without any problems. This ensures that you can flexibly position your devices or machines with a serial RS232 interface. The extender offers full-duplex transmission and is compatible with all RS232 protocols.Package Content RS232 extender, transmitter unit RS232 extender, receiver unit Power supply (5V / 1A) Manual Mounting accessories