DA-70776 SKYPE USB TelBox

SKYPE USB TelBox support wireless phone• USB telbox • Supports wireless phones • 3 status LED (power, USB, line) • 1 USB interface to PC, USB B • 1 FXS for regular (analog) phone, RJ11 • 1 FXO for PSTN call relays, RJ11 • Driver built-in • No external power needed • Supported OS: Win 2000/ XP

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DA-70773 Digitus Skype USB telefoon handset met dial functie

This SKYPE telephone handset is a high quality USB phone that enables you to enjoy the full benefit of Skype. Simply plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop, you can make/answer Internet calls just as you would be on a regular telephone. Its high sound quality and smart style have made it a perfect Skype accessory for both office and home use.• Optimized for Skype with the plug-in driver • Operate Skype calls with full keypad functions • Ringing on incoming calls • LC display and LED indicators • USB PnP interface, no external power /soundcard required

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DA-70775 SKYPE USB speakerphone

SKYPE USB speakerphone w/ dial function USB B female• High quality speakerphone, ideal for conference calls • Comply with USB 1.1 & USB 2.0 port • No external power required • Driver and sound card built-in • Large LCD with backlight • Phone ring for incoming calls, ring style and volume selectable • Echo cancellation, noise reduction, full duplex communication • Caller ID function • Supported OS: Win 2000/ XP

DA-70771 Digitus Skype USB 2.0 dongle

Skype adapter om standaard speakerset/microfoon of headset te gebruiken via USB poort

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