Fiber Ethernet Media Converter, Single-Mode 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX, RJ45 to SC, Fiber Transceiver Up to 25KM (set van 2)

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Fiber converter

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The Ethernet Media Converter with Long-distance transmission, The optical fiber transceiver A and the optical fiber transceiver B are 100M single-mode single-fiber optical fiber transceivers.
After pairing, they can exchange short-distance twisted pair electrical signals and long-distance optical signals Change and transmit long-distance signals through optical fiber.

* Use fiber optic wiring to expand or bridge the network in a cost-effective manner, with a transmission distance of up to 25KM, 1310nm.
* Convenient user upgrade, can easily achieve motherboard server, Repeaters, hubs, terminal and terminal of the interconnection connection.

Single Size: 94 × 70 × 25 (mm)
Single Weight: 148 (g) Color: Black

Operating Temperature: -20~ + 70 
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ + 85
Input Voltage: 5V

Package includes:
2x Converters (A / B)
2x External Power Supplies
1x User Manual