Edimax Wireless Broadband Router with 2-port USB for NAS and Print Server

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  • Supports IEEE802.11b/g with Data Transfer Rate upto 54Mbps
  • Supports 64/128 Bit WEP and WPA Encryption
  • Supports WAN Connection by PPPoE/Static IP/Dynamic IP/PPTP/DHCP/L2TP
  • Provides 2 USB2.0 Ports to Share Printers and USB Storages
  • Supports User/Gruop based Permission and Folder based Permission
  • Supports Windows, FTP, HTTP and Apple File Sharing

lP Sharing
The NAT/NAPT function and built in DHCP server, our router allows you to share the broadband connection for up to 253 client machines in the ntework.  It also provides virtual server and virtual DMZ functions to let your internal servers be accessed from the Internet.

Wireless Access Point (4dBi antenna)

The Wireless access point function will allow your IEEE 802.11g/b wireless client devices access the Intranet and Internet through this router and provide higher throughput and better coverage than normal 802.11g/b.  That saves you the trouble of having long wires cover your house and tripping over every door you open.  

Supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) via USB ports

NAS supports following protocols: Windows File Sharing, FTP File Sharing, HTTP File Sharing (WebDAV-http upload), APPLE File Sharing.  You will be able to share your favourite movie and music in the storage without slowing down your own computer when other client machines in the network tries to copy files from your computer.

Supports Peer-to-Peer Printing

With the built in print server, you will be able to use the router as your print server. (subject to compatibility issue)  The router will support peer to peer printing with only simple setup needed.  The print server provides LPR and IPP printing method. You can choose the best printing method according to your environment.
Please check the printers compatibility list in our web site

Web Configuration

Configure the router through the friendly Web user interface with a browser.