E27 LED lamp 7W Cool White 6000K 620LM

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Sheenly High Bright LED Bulb

Sheenly LED bulb adopts qualified high power LED as light source, which is stable, long life and no UV & IR emission. High-performance thermal heat sink shell and special heat conductive adhesive make contributions to the high lighting efficiency. This replacement bulb provides the quantity and quality of light produced by traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.

The Sheenly LED Bulbs are ideal for myriad applications including general lighting and decoration lighting. They are particularly suited to public areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is always on.

Name Part Number Dimension             (mm) Color Voltage             (V) Lumen Output             (lm) Beam Power             (Watt)
4W Bulb SL-BUL-04W-WW-BN ø60x120 Warm White 85-135 185-265 320 120° 4
4W Bulb SL-BUL-04W-CW-BN ø60x120 Cool White 85-135             185-265 360 120° 4
7W Bulb SL-BUL-07W-WW-AN ø60x120 Warm White 85-135             185-265 560 120° 7
7W Bulb SL-BUL-07W-CW-AN ø60x120 Cool White 85-135             185-265 620 120° 7
9W Bulb SL-BUL-09W-WW-AN ø60x120 Warm White 185-265 650 120° 9
9W Bulb SL-BUL-09W-CW-AN ø60x120 Cool White 185-265 750 120° 9