NW 4000K AIO highbay optional sensor 100/120/ 150/200W Power Adjustable 16000/19200/ 24000/32000 lm Adjustable

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1. Multi-lumen.  4 power options by dip switch (80W/100W/130W/160W). Substantially reduce stock and make the job easy for architects and installers during light planning and installation. 

2. Outstanding glare control & superb uniform light distribution. The 1st & only anti glare UGR 19 highbay that can reach UGR<19 without a reflector.  Using the most up to date lens technics, AIO with 26000lm-160lm/w  achieves an incredible UGR19@60D,  UGR22@85D with both U0>0.5 at 8m height, which had been normally regarded as impossible for UFO highbays. 

3. AIO defaults 160lm/w and reaches 175lm/w at 85W. The combination of the latest optics and heatsink design ensures its cost competitiveness, and constant leading the LM/W efficacy competition. 

4. Plug-in integrated sensor interface, simple conversion to intelligent lighting. 

5. Eye catching design with silky smooth surface, easy to Clean.  Suitable for Food Processing application. 

6. Excellent heat management to guarantee a long service life and the best lumen maintenance.   Thanks to the latest die-cast technology, AIO has a flat and thin heatsink body, so the heat of the LEDs is evenly distributed, and finds its shortest possible thermal path for heat dissipation to the surrounding air.      

7. Quality driver and LEDs. Robust aluminum housing + PC LENS, IP65, IK09?5 years real warranty.