M6 cage nut set and mounting screws, 1 set = 50pcs (kooimoer)

Kooimoeren, fixing screw Installatie schroef voor netwerkkasten 50x M6 screws50x M6 nuts50x M6 washers black colorlengte 15mm

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DN-19 GS 19" L Support, D=1000MM universal

L support, 715mm universalSuitable to support heavy 19" devices. Insertable to 19" network cabinets with a depth of 1000mm, as well as Server cabinets Four fixing points fit at the sites of the rear and front mounting angles Fixed mounted Sheet steel Galvanised Load carrying capacity: 100kg Package: 2 pieces Complete with fixing material Units: 1 Dimensions (HxWxD): 44,65,730 mm abinets.

Lande L support rail for 1000 mm cabinets, Zinc plated 8-12 micron, Physical Depth= 720 mm

L-support Rail voor 1000mm diepe ServersZinc plated 8-12 micron, Physical L support railDiepte 720mm44x720x44  

Mirsan Heavy duty type metal body pinion feet 1set=4pcs allen voor Mirsan patch of serverkasten. voor wandkasten is de bout te lang.

Alleen geschikt voor Mirsan Patch en Serverkasten. Dus niet voor wandkasten want daarvoor is de bout te lang.


Cabinet baying kit. GT Series Side by side Black 1set = 4pcs

Metal accessories used for connecting GT Series. Cabinet connection kit is installed to the cabinet by detaching the side doors.They are delivered as 1 set: 4 pieces.


1U 19" rail earthing set with metal mount base. 10 grounding points

Grounding set  suitable for all 19" cabinets . Rail 1U with 10 grounding points4 yellow-green grounding wires, 40cm and 4mm diameter


42U Vertical cable tray W=100mm cable tray WxDxH= 100x10x1885

KAN WORDEN AFGEHAALD MAAR ALLEEN VERSTUURD WORDEN IN COMBINATIE MET EEN 42U KAST. Vertical cable tray for 42U GTV en GTS cabinets. Dimensions 100 x 10 x 1885


3U 19" electrical distribution module, with busbar (rail). Black

Electrical distribution modules are metal accessoires, suitable for all 19" cabinets, designed for electrical distribution inside the cabinet. with busbar (rail), breakable plastic BLANK piece.380mm entry opening suitable for all circuit breaker and power plug modeles with this width.


42U vertical cable organizer, 1set= 2 pcs. (left/right) Black Geschikt voor 42U GTV en GTS, 80 breed

ALLEEN VOOR 80CM BREDE MIRSAN KASTEN KLEUR ZWARTKAN WORDEN AFGEHAALD MAAR ALLEEN VERSTUURD WORDEN IN COMBINATIE MET EEN 42U KAST. WxDxH= 92x92x1955 These cable orginazers are for use inside the W800 GT series. They are installed in a vertical postition and provided with a cover. Thanks to the flap locked cover, it can be detached and re-installed within seconds.It renders a neat and professional appearence to the cabinet by blank the cable harness when looked from the back or front. Delivered as 1 set: 2 pieces (right/left).