10" wall mount cabinets

Lande 6U 10" Wall mounting cabinet W=312mm D=300mm, GRIJS

Lande 6U 10" Wall mounting cabinet W=312mm D=300mm, GRIJSWxDxH=312 x 300 x 330= opvolger van DN-10 05-U

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10" MR.SOHO WALL TYPE CABINET W=306mm D=300mm black color

6U W=312mm D=300mm Assembled SOHO MR. SOHO cabinets are simple, small sized wall type network installation solutions with low cost, aesthetic appearance and robust structure. A cable entry hole is provided on each of the upper and lower chassis for cable inlets. One of these holes houses a cable passage brush whereas the other houses a PCV lid. Cable passage brush may be displaced and cable inlet is enabled wherever desired and dust inlet is minimized during entrance of the cables thanks to the brushed structure.  SPACIOUS INTERNAL VOLUME It meets all cabling requirements of the network equipments such as Switch, Router, Patch Panel, Plug and etc. PDF zie pagina 8 & 9