Power Cord, Euro - C7, M/F, 1.8m, H03VVH2-F 0.75qmm, bl (CP092) 337332/311829

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Power supply connection cable, Euro - IEC C7, 0.9m, H03VVH2-F2G 0.75qmm, M/F, black

This power cord, also known as „Euro 8 cable“, used for the connection of home entertain devices such as radio, cassette recorder to the indoor power supply system (outlet).
  • Euro plug <=> IEC C7 (Euro 8) jack
  • Cable: H03 VV H2-F2x 0.75 qmm (250V, 2.5A)
  • Plug according to EN 50 075
  • Connector "8-Type" according to EN 60 320 C7
  • VDE tested
  • Color: black