NUUO NAS NVR Mini2 incl. 1x 1 Tb HDD

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incl. 1x 1 TB HDD

Firmware version: 3.0

NAS-based NVR Standalone 4ch, 2bay

  • Streams & Records 4 IP Cameras
  • 4 Camera Events & 4 User Privileges
  • Supports MPEG4/MJPEG/H.264 Formats
  • Panomorph PTZ (360°) Support
  • Up to 128 Cameras On Multiple Monitors
  • 5 Video Analytics Searches
  • RAID 0/1 Support & Dual Streaming
  • E-Mapping / Includes 4 Licenses
  • US Power Cord

The NUUO NVRmini2 NE-2040 NVR and Server (4-Channel, 2 Drive Bays, 1TB) is a professional surveillance recording system designed to stream and record live video/audio from 4 IP cameras.
The unit also supports dual streaming of MPEG4, MJPEG, and H.264 video compression formats.

The NVRmini Recorder and Server features an intelligent playback system with 5 video analytics searches that include general motion, foreign object, missing object, loss of focus, and camera occlusion.
With support for RAID 0 and 1, the recorder ensures the highest level of data security at the HDD level. 

Users can connect to the NVRmini2 via Web Viewer (Internet Explorer) and view up to 16 channels of live video. In addition, the Remote Live Viewer allows viewing of up to 128 channels of live video on multiple monitors from different locations. The streamed footage can be accessed on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry mobile phones via the Internet.

All key server functions are available on 1 screen on the GUI menu, making it easy for the users to setup recording schedules (daily or weekly) and configure key server settings. E-mapping, another handy feature in this NVR, offers a quick overview of the surveillance area, indicating the location of the CCTV cameras or the site where an event occurred. The watermark option helps protect the recorded data from being copied or tampered with.

Also included in the NVRmini 2 are video enhancement tools for fine-tuning the image visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast, and grayscale. Video conversion is also possible to AVI or ASF file format. You can also take snapshots from the recordings in BMP or JPEG format to print or save critical images for future use.

Note! Supports a maximum of 4 licenses.


Supports 49 brands of IP cameras, with remote viewing and live video recording
Records in MPEG4, M-JPEG, MxPEG, and H.264 formats (depending on the camera model) at a maximum rate of 120 fps
Embedded Linux for protection from viruses and system crash
Dual streaming for efficient bandwidth management
Synchronization of video and audio recording
Works with NUUO CMS (Central Management System) for monitoring large scale projects

System, Setting, Management and Integration

Server-client architecture for routing all video data via NVRmini2 to remote clients to balance the camera load and achieve good recording quality
Allows for automatic camera search in the network 1
Set recording schedules daily or weekly via GUI recording scheduler
Configure key server functions via the GUI
Supports 4 camera events like motion detection (camera should support this), connection lost and camera input; 1 input event from remote I/O box; 3 system events and daily system report via e-mail
3 instant alarms for output, e-mail and NUUO CMS alarm system
Built-in RAID 0, 1 to prevent data loss
Records live transactions received via NUUO POX box or Ethernet (TCP/IP client)
Incorporates POS text overlay on live video and recordings
Transactions can be searched in the NVRmini2 database
Seamless integration of camera I/O and NUUO I/O box to start recording on input trigger or to trigger output as an event occurs
4 different user groups (admin, power user, user, and guest) for logging into the NAS server via Web Viewer
Users can connect to Recording Server via Web Viewer (Internet Explorer) and monitor 16 channels of live video
Special privilege for each group in system configuration, live view camera, and playback camera
Accurate synchronization of recording time (weekly/monthly) via NTP protocol
Easy camera control with joystick support for PTZ cameras
For 360° surveillance with support for panomorph lens-based PTZ cameras
Allows you to keep a track of system operations via hardware log, camera status, and user access tracking via NVR log, special-event tracking via NVR event log, video export and backup tracking via Export/Backup log
Quick start and troubleshooting assistance via user-friendly HELP page

Remote Operation

Remote Playback application for playback of 16 channels of recording from the NUUO NVRmini2
Remote Live Viewer application for monitoring NVRmini2 at multiple locations simultaneously (PTZ control, E-map and I/O panel)
Remote Live Viewer can be used to connect and monitor up to 128 cameras at multiple locations
Remote Backup application to backup recording video and POS transaction remotely from NVRmini 2
For access and display of live footage
Supports NUUO's mobile client for iPhone, iPad, Android, windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry for remote surveillance
Multi-view allows simultaneous viewing of the same video on multiple channels for detailed surveillance
E-mapping for complete coverage of the surveillance area, indicating the location of the CCTV cameras
Multiple camera streams with lower bitrate can be viewed in real-time without compromising on the quality

Playback, Search, Export, and Secure Data

Video enhancement tools for fine-tuning the image visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast, and grayscale
Intelligent playback system with 5 video analytics searches: general motion, foreign object, missing object, loss focus, and camera occlusion
Convert videos to AVI or ASF file format and take snapshots from recording in BMP or JPEG format for future reference
Backup videos in DAT format
Alert notification (camera and system event) via sound digital output, e-mail, and NUUO CMS alert
Automatic backup of footage of a particular date to the designated FTP server
Manual deletion of recorded footage
Watermark option for protecting the data from being copied and is also useful for tamper detection
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