DS-16101 DIGITUS MINI KM Switch with USB Datalink function

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The easy control and file transfer solution for your Notebook and Desktop computer

DIGITUS MINI KM Switch with USB Datalink function, 1 USB A/M (PC-1)  to 1 USB A/M (PC-2) length ~ 1.10m
The Console switching cable let you conveniently access two computers at the same time with only one mouse and one keyboard by using both screens simultaneously. Built-in file transfer utility for Backups, syncing and transferring files between the connected computers. The KM Cable also features a shared Clipboard function for easy "copy and paste" and an integrated Picture-in-Picture mode.
  • KM function allows user to control two computers and associated monitors with only one keyboard and one mouse
  • File and data transfer between two computers
  • Copy and Paste text between two computers
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) function
  • Portable all-in-one cable design, needs only one USB 2.0 connection on each computer
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Built-in driver and software, works without driver installation from CD-ROM
  • No external power supply needed
  • Switching between computers via mouse movement or application
  • Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP