AK 82203 2x3,5 mm/M; USB A/M <=> 2x3,5 mm/M; USB B/M Color: black 5 M For: DC-11801

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Audio + USB Cable set for KVM-Switches

Audio + USB Cable set for KVM-Switches, 2x3,5 mm/M; USB A/M 2x3,5 mm/M; USB B/M color black, length 5 m

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DC-11801-1 KVM Switch DVI 1User (PS/2or USB), 3PCs(USB)

KVM Switch DVI 1User (PS/2  or USB), 3PCs(USB), Desktop, hot-swap function, with audio incl. 2 cable sets, 1,8 m Controls up to three PCs with one PS/2 or USB keyboard, one PS/2 or USB mouse, and one DVI monitor, incl. audio supportSimple installation - no additional software neededSelection of PC via push buttons or hot keyExcellent video quality - up to 1600 x 1200 pixels at 60HzDDC, DDC2, DVI, UXGA supportHot plug and playEmulates a keyboard and a mouse on each PC to allow your computers to boot normally without a keyboard errorAutoscan (5 to 250 sec., selectable)No external power supply needed, self-powered by PS/2 or USB connection (optional power supply 5V; 2.0A - Art.-Nr. DN-R-PS-1)Fully compliant with USB 1.1/2.0 specificationsTwo cable sets included in delivery, length: 1.8mSupports Windows®, Mac, Linux and Sun Micro SystemsOptional USB / Audio cable: AK 82201 (1.8m), AK 82202 (3.0m), AK 82203 (5.0m)Optional DVI cable: AK-110019 (1.8m), AK-110020 (3.0m), AK-110021 (5.0m)

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