AK-108042 HDMI Cable, Link, Type A-DVI-I (24+5), BL 2.0m, CU, AWG28, 2xshielded, M/M 2x ferrit, g

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HDMI connection cable, Type A - DVI-I(24+5), metal 2.00m, CU, AWG28, 2x shielded, M/M, UL, 2xferrite, gold plated, BL

Analog/Digital Connection Cable HDMI to DVI (Dual-Link) for Video transmission up to a max. data rate of 4,95 Gbit/s. The cable is fit for 1080P.

HDMI type A (19pin) plug <=> DVI-I (24+5) plug

• metall plug
• 19-wire cable, double shielded, AWG28
• 2x ferrite filter
• UL20276
• gold plated
• colour: black