60 x 60

--- KEUZEMENU --- Sheenly LED panel PRO 60x60 cm.

Sheenly Ultra Slim LED Panel Light adopts qualified super bright LED as light source, which is stable, long life and no UV & IR emission. The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It is powered by low voltage constant current driver, which is safety, energy saving and long life.  Sheenly LED Panel light is the ideal replacement for traditional grid lights and fluorescent tubes. Moreover, Sheenly Panel light creates extremely harmonious and uniform lights, which conventional light never achieved. Features - The highest PFC driver can be up to 0.99 - CRI can achieve 85+ - Ultra slim design - Different frame designs and colors are available- Dimmable compatible with Dali- Lighting sensors and motion sensors are optional

Led plafond paneel 50W combi PW+WW (pure white + warm white) 60 x 60

Sheenly Bi-White led panel light provides two different white colors in one panel, which can meet your different atmosphere requirements about the light Color Temperature, and create unique performance for your applications.Part NumberDimensionLEDQuantityColor TemperatureVoltageLumen OutputBeam SpreadPower Consumption(mm)(K)(V)(lm)(Watt)SL-PAN-50W-BW-AN595.8*595.8*11.57403000-3300 (WW)5700-6500(PW)100-2404000120°50

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Led paneel RGB & pure white 60 x 60

Sheenly RGB led panel light can create a particularly intense and uniform brightness of each color. The color of the light can be changed continuously through the controller, fast or slow, depending on the speed setting, creating an attractive eye-catcher. Besides, the three primary colors red, green and blue as well as the mixed colors turquoise, yellow, orange, violet or white can be set at the push of a button. They are ideal lighting for club, shop and showcase, etc. Using RGB LED Panels,changing luminous colors can be achievedFeatures:l   ideal decoration lighting for club, shop and showcase, etcl   more colors & control modes are availablel   No UV or IR emissionsl   Durable with life span over 50,000 hoursl   Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials l   Simple and convenient installationl   DimmableRGB Controller:The controller features different modes for color changes or continuous light which can be selected by means of a pushbutton.Part NumberDimensionLEDColor TemperatureProtectionVoltageLumen OutputBeam SpreadPower Consumption(mm)Quantity(K)(V)(lm)(Watt)SL-PAN-25W-TC-AS595*595*1296RGBIP2012V/DC300120°25SL-PAN-50W-WT-AS595*595*12240+96W+RGBIP2012V/DC2400120°50SL-PAN-25W-TC-LS620*620*1296RGBIP2012V/DC300120°25SL-PAN-50W-WT-LS620*620*12240+96W+RGBIP2012V/DC2400120°50

Sheenly LED Panel Pro, 50W, 60x60 , WW 3000k, white frame

De Sheenly PRO LED-panel verlichting is de ideale oplossing voor de moderne werkplek. Geïntegreerd in een systeemplafond of vrij hangend gemonteerd biedt een Sheenly paneel egale en rustige verlichting voor iedere situatie. Het paneel voldoet aan de hoogste eisen en het ultradunne frame van slechts 10 mm van wit gepoedercoat aluminium zorgt voor hoogwaardige uitstraling. Het formaat van 59,5 x 59, 5 cm maakt eenvoudige integratie in een standaard systeemplafond mogelijk, naast oplossingen voor standalone montage of voor hangend gebruik. De ECO II panelen bieden een uitstekende prijs-kwaliteit verhouding. Sheenly LED-panels kunnen worden toegepast in verschillende omgevingen en zijn bij uitstek geschikt voor kantoren en vergaderruimtes, in restaurants, bij onderwijsinstellingen of in een retail- of gezondheidszorgomgeving. De panelen worden geleverd met 5 jaar Sheenly fabrieksgarantie.   Power 50W Kleur temperatuur 3.000K (Warm White) Lumen output 4.600lm Stralingshoek 120° Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Power Factor > 0,95 Maatvoering 595 mm x 595 mm x 10 mm

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